Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW Post 1093

Ipswich, MA

Uniform Details
There are a variety of resources available to Post 1093 members who are purchasing or updating their uniforms.

Any Post member is welcomed and encouraged to wear their uniform to meetings and events.

Officers at all District and National Meetings do wear the official VFW
uniform. A small number of Posts within our Department do require that selected Post Officers (Commander, SrViceCmdr, JrViceCmdr, Chaplain, Quartermaster, Adjutant, OD) wear the  VFW uniform at all regular scheduled meetings. It has not been the custom for Post 1093 to require Post Officers to wear the VFW Uniform at regular scheduled Post meetings. However, when the uniform is not worn, it is expected that Post Officers will wear appropriate, presentable clothing for the occasion.  This does not include T-shirts, cut off pants, sandals, flip flops, etc. 

Official VFW Regulation on uniform wear is limited.  Relevant FAQs can be found here. Proper decorum must be maintained.

The standard wear of the collar insignia, which are available through the post, is as follows: "VFW pin on left collar tab so that the bottom is parallel to the ground one-half inch to one inch above the tip and the Unit Number Pin is on the right collar tab so that the bottom is parallel to the ground one-half to one inch above the tip". - Article VIII, Section 803 of the VFW Manual of Procedure
Sources for supplies

Post 1093's official uniform consists of khaki Dickies (or an equivalent):
Short Sleeve Shirt
Long Sleeve Shirt
Belt and Shoes (preferably black)
These can be purchased online, or through local retailers, such as Ben's in downtown Amesbury.

Traditionally, the VFW patch is worn on the left shoulder and the American Flag on the right.  These patches are available to you through the Post at no cost.

With the exception of the collar insignia, there is no set VFW regulation on what you can wear, but proper decorum must be maintained. 

Many comrades choose to display their authorized medals.  A good source to buy your medals (which come preassembled in the proper order, per DOD regulations) is Medals of America.

Additional VFW related items can be purchased through the VFW Store.
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